Transforming your space with Karndean Van Gogh flooring is a choice that promises beauty and durability. Our team of skilled floor and carpet fitters takes pride in delivering a seamless installation, and here’s an overview of our process when working with this exceptional luxury vinyl flooring, F. Ball’s P131 primer, F. Ball’s 1200 latex, Pro Gold Feather Finish, and Uzin KE49 adhesive.

1. Assessment and Preparation

Our first step is a thorough assessment of your space. We examine the subfloor’s condition, checking for any imperfections, moisture issues, or debris. To ensure optimal adhesion and longevity, we apply F. Ball’s P131 primer as a foundation. This high-quality primer enhances adhesion and prepares the subfloor for the subsequent layers.

2. Creating the Ideal Foundation

To achieve a level and resilient surface, we employ F. Ball’s 1200 latex as the underlayment. We carefully mix and apply the latex compound, ensuring an even distribution. This underlayment creates a solid base for the Karndean flooring, enhancing its performance and longevity.

3. Craftsmanship with Pro Gold Feather Finish

A crucial part of our process is the application of Pro Gold Feather Finish. Our team is highly skilled in mixing and applying this product to perfection. The feather finish ensures a smooth, flawless surface, guaranteeing that your Karndean Van Gogh flooring will lie flat and look impeccable.

4. Adhesive Excellence with Uzin KE49

We understand the significance of a strong bond in your flooring. That’s why we choose Uzin KE49 adhesive. Our experienced fitters apply this adhesive evenly over the prepared subfloor, using the recommended trowel notch size. This adhesive ensures that your flooring remains securely in place for years to come.

5. The Final Touch: Precision and Care

With the adhesive in place, we meticulously lay your floor planks or tiles, paying close attention to detail. Our skilled hands ensure a snug fit and perfect alignment. We take pride in delivering not just an installation but a work of art.

6. Sealing and Maintenance

As a finishing touch, we expertly seal any seams or joints according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. We also provide guidance on cleaning and maintenance, ensuring that your new flooring remains stunning and functional over time.

In conclusion, our team specialises in the art of Karndean flooring installation. We take pride in our meticulous process, from subfloor preparation to the final placement of your flooring. With our expertise and attention to detail, your space will be transformed into a masterpiece of beauty and durability. Enjoy the elegance of Karndean Van Gogh, installed by our skilled professionals.