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Elevate your bathroom and toilet with Karndean Bluff CER18 Tile and DS15 Design Strips in TW11

When it comes to designing a bathroom and toilet space that exudes style and durability, the choice of flooring is key. In the vibrant TW11 area, a recent project showcased the stunning combination of Karndean Bluff CER18 tile and DS15 design strips. This flooring solution effortlessly enhances the aesthetics of bathrooms and toilets, creating a sophisticated ambiance. Let’s delve into the details of this remarkable installation in South West London.

Karndean Bluff CER18 Tile: Timeless Elegance for Wet Areas

Karndean Bluff CER18 tile is a versatile flooring option that beautifully replicates the look and feel of natural stone. With its neutral tones and authentic texture, this tile adds a touch of timeless elegance to any bathroom or toilet space. Its waterproof and low-maintenance properties make it an ideal choice for wet areas, providing both style and practicality.

DS15 Design Strips: Adding Definition and Style

To enhance the visual appeal and define the individual tiles, DS15 design strips were incorporated into the flooring design. These strips serve as borders or grout lines, creating a realistic tile effect and adding a touch of sophistication. Available in various colors and widths, DS15 design strips allow for customization and can complement any desired aesthetic.

Transforming Teddington Bathrooms and Toilets

The combination of Karndean Bluff CER18 tile and DS15 design strips has transformed bathrooms and toilets into elegant and functional spaces. The luxurious appearance of the tile, coupled with the precision of the design strips, creates a seamless and visually striking flooring design.

Furthermore, Karndean’s high-quality materials ensure durability, making the Bluff CER18 tile and DS15 design strips resistant to water, humidity, and everyday wear and tear. This guarantees a long-lasting and low-maintenance flooring solution for bathrooms and toilets in South West London.


In the heart of Teddington, the installation of Karndean Bluff CER18 tile and DS15 design strips has elevated the aesthetics of bathrooms and toilets. The timeless elegance of the Bluff CER18 tile, combined with the precision and style of the DS15 design strips, has created stunning flooring designs that withstand the demands of wet areas.

If you’re considering a bathroom or toilet renovation in or around the Teddington area, take inspiration from this project and explore the beauty of Karndean Bluff CER18 tile and DS15 design strips. With their blend of elegance and durability, these flooring options will transform your space into a sophisticated oasis that reflects your personal style.

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