Are you in the mood for a flooring transformation that exudes style and resilience? Look no further than the Amtico Spacia Rialto Concrete SS5S2611 18 18-inch tiles, complemented by elegant 3mm pure white grout strips. This dynamic duo, when paired with the F.Ball Stopgap 1200 latex over your existing ceramic tiles, along with Uzin KE49 adhesive and Salesmark West skim coat, will give your floors a new lease on life.

Why Choose Amtico Spacia Luxury Vinyl Tiles?

Amtico Spacia is synonymous with flooring innovation and style. The Rialto Concrete SS5S2611 tiles are no exception. These tiles offer a perfect blend of beauty and durability, adding a touch of sophistication to your space.

Elevate Your Design with Pure White Grout Strips

3mm pure white grout strips are the perfect choice to complement the Amtico Spacia tiles. They add an elegant finishing touch, enhancing the visual appeal of your flooring.

Enhanced with F.Ball Stopgap 1200 Latex

By applying F.Ball Stopgap 1200 latex over your existing ceramic tiles, you’re providing a solid, level foundation for your new flooring. This latex not only evens out any imperfections but also enhances the longevity of your new floor.

Secure and Reliable with Uzin KE49 Adhesive

The Uzin KE49 adhesive ensures that your Amtico Spacia tiles remain securely in place. This adhesive is known for its reliability and effectiveness, guaranteeing that your new flooring will stay put for years to come.

Finish with Salesmark West Skim Coat

Salesmark West skim coat is the final piece of the puzzle. It provides a smooth, even surface for your Amtico Spacia tiles, ensuring a flawless finish.

Transform your space with Amtico Spacia Rialto Concrete tiles, pure white grout strips, and the exceptional combination of F.Ball Stopgap 1200 latex, Uzin KE49 adhesive, and Salesmark West skim coat. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule your installation. Elevate your home with the perfect fusion of style, durability, and convenience!