When it comes to kitchen renovations, finding the perfect flooring that combines style, durability, and practicality is essential. In Teddington, a recent kitchen remodeling project showcased the timeless elegance of Karndean KP96 Mid Limed Oak flooring. With the use of Floorwise Gold Latex and UZIN KE49 adhesive, this flooring installation in Teddington’s TW11 area has added a touch of sophistication to the heart of the home. Let’s explore the details of this stunning transformation.

Karndean KP96 Mid Limed Oak: Timeless Elegance for Kitchens

Karndean is renowned for its exceptional luxury vinyl flooring, and the KP96 Mid Limed Oak is no exception. This stunning design captures the natural beauty of oak, imbuing kitchens with a warm and inviting ambiance. The mid-limed finish enhances the wood grain, providing a subtle yet striking visual effect that complements various interior styles. With its durable and low-maintenance properties, Karndean KP96 Mid Limed Oak is an ideal choice for busy kitchens.

Floorwise Gold Latex: The Foundation of Quality

To ensure a flawless and long-lasting installation, the Teddington kitchen project employed Floorwise Gold Latex. This high-quality self-leveling compound creates a smooth and even subfloor, offering a solid foundation for the Karndean KP96 Mid Limed Oak. By using Floorwise Gold Latex, any imperfections or unevenness in the original floor are rectified, resulting in a seamless and visually appealing finish.

UZIN KE49 Adhesive: Secure and Reliable Bonding

The success of any flooring installation lies in the adhesive used, and in this project, UZIN KE49 adhesive was the go-to choice. Specifically designed for luxury vinyl flooring, UZIN KE49 offers exceptional bonding properties. It ensures that the Karndean KP96 Mid Limed Oak planks adhere securely to the subfloor, minimizing the risk of shifting or movement over time. With UZIN KE49, homeowners in South West London can enjoy a kitchen floor that not only looks stunning but also remains stable and durable for years to come.


The kitchen area has undergone a remarkable transformation with the installation of Karndean KP96 Mid Limed Oak flooring. The classic beauty of this design, combined with the reliable foundation of Floorwise Gold Latex and the secure bond of UZIN KE49 adhesive, has elevated the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the space.

If you’re considering a kitchen renovation in or around Teddington, take inspiration from this stunning project. Choose Karndean KP96 Mid Limed Oak to infuse your kitchen with timeless elegance, and ensure a flawless installation by using Floorwise Gold Latex and UZIN KE49 adhesive. The result will be a kitchen floor that not only captivates with its visual charm but also stands the test of time.