Upgrade your staircase and landing with Rols Carpets Woven Design. With full coverage on the landing and as a striking stair runner, paired with durable 8mm contract underlay from Solent Wholesale, this installation promises both style and comfort.

Elegant Design, Lasting Comfort

Enhance your home with the elegant design of Rols Carpets Woven Design in Lattice. The intricate pattern and rich color palette add depth and character to your space, creating a welcoming ambiance that impresses guests and residents alike.

Quality Underlay for Superior Performance

Experience superior comfort and durability with Solent Wholesale’s 8mm contract underlay. Providing a soft cushioning underfoot and ensuring long-lasting performance, this underlay enhances the overall feel and resilience of your carpet, making every step a pleasure.

Expert Installation, Flawless Results

Our skilled team ensures flawless installation, guaranteeing that your Rols Carpets Woven Design in Lattice is fitted to perfection. With meticulous attention to detail, we create a cohesive and visually stunning look for your home.

In summary, the installation of Rols Carpets Woven Design in Lattice, paired with Solent Wholesale 8mm contract underlay, promises to transform your home with elegance and durability. Trust us to create a staircase and landing that exudes style and comfort, making every moment a delight.