Transform your entire living space with the luxurious touch of Corma Carpets Primo Plus Cloudy Bay. Our comprehensive supply and fitting service cover your bedroom, lounge, hall, stairs, landing, and even those often-neglected cupboards. We leave no stone unturned to ensure your home exudes elegance and comfort. Stain Resistant, Bleach Cleanable and great value, Primo is ideal for a busy family household.

Premium Comfort with 10mm Elegance Underlay

Under every great carpet lies a foundation of comfort. That’s why we include a 10mm Elegance underlay as part of our service. This underlay not only adds plushness to your step but also enhances the durability and lifespan of your Corma Carpets Primo Plus Cloudy Bay flooring.

Secure and Seamless Installation with Gold Gripper

For a secure and seamless fit, we utilise gold gripper strips. These strips ensure that your carpet remains taut and firmly in place, enhancing both safety and aesthetics. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Elegant Transitions with Silver Door Bars

The finer details matter, which is why we provide silver door bars to create elegant transitions between rooms. These bars offer both functionality and style, seamlessly connecting your living spaces.

Say Goodbye to the Old, We Handle the Rest

No need to worry about the removal of your existing carpet; we’ve got it covered. Our team will expertly uplift and dispose of your old carpet, leaving your space ready for the installation of the exquisite Corma Carpets Primo Plus Cloudy Bay.

In conclusion, our supply and fitting service for Corma Carpets Primo Plus Cloudy Bay is more than just carpet installation. It’s a complete transformation of your living space, including the removal of your old carpet, the installation of premium underlay, gold gripper strips, and elegant door bars. Trust us to bring comfort, style, and sophistication to your home, one room at a time.